One Month Blogaversary

So, I promise never to use the word Blogaversary again. Sorry for even using it once.

As we head into Thanksgiving week and we’re a full month into this blogging expedition, what’s happened so far?

Four blog posts have gone up, and here they are in order of popularity.

Don’t Ditch Your Value Stocks

Rethinking Social Security

Global Investment Outlook

Protecting Your Portfolio From The News

The Boston Advisor has had 646 Unique Visitors and 1,024 Pageviews

The visitors ranged from my hometown of Millis to as far away as Vietnam. Nine visitors from Canada means doing my undergrad in Toronto and marrying an Ontario gal is really paying off in new ways. Egypt, thanks mom. I can’t think of anyone I know in Ireland. If one of my friends moved there and I forgot, sorry.

Most everyone found the blog through LinkedIn, although that 40 people found it through Facebook after I just posted there once means I need to set up a Facebook page for the blog. More to come…

The highlight so far was a client quoting the blog to me in one of our meetings and discussing all three posts published up until that time.

The low point…well, there was that day that no one on the planet visited the site.

What’s in store for the next month?

  1. The aforementioned Facebook page.
  2. Four more blog posts
  3. Continuing to get the word out through my personal network
  4. Returning the final copy edits on my financial planning book to my editor by December 2nd
  5. 44th birthday

Thanks for being part of the journey so far.