Personal Finance Curriculum

Personal Finance Toolkit

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You want to learn more about managing your finances and investing, but don’t know where to turn? We don’t have enough financial literacy education in school, and as adults we are often too busy to learn new things despite our best intentions. And when we are ready, we don’t know exactly where to turn. This Personal Finance Curriculum is your toolkit of books, videos, articles, podcasts, and blogs broken down by category and expected takeaways that you can work through based on interest level and time covering…

  1. Hall of Fame Personal Finance books everyone should read.
  2. Deeper Dive Three books to teach you more about investing in stocks, building a portfolio, and avoiding behavioral investment mistakes.
  3. Market History “History doesn’t rhyme, but if often repeats itself,” Mark Twain. Learn about previous markets and events.
  4. Lessons in Unique Places & Great Stories Teach Too Six great books that also have a lot to teach about investments.
  5. Financial Planning Articles covering the main planning topics you need to understand
  6. Newsletter, Blog, and Podcast Recommendations to help you stay informed and continue the learning process


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