Wednesday Reading List

Just Don’t Watch – It’s not worth watching anyway…

8 Cybersecurity Tips to Start Using Today

October is Cybersecurity Awareness month and Heritage Financial is kicking it off with 8 cybersecurity tips that you can start utilizing today!

Most economists see the U.S. turning into a buyer’s housing market in 2023. Here’s where you’ll see the biggest declines in value.

The U.S. housing market will shift in favor of home buyers by the end of 2023. That’s according to 44% of the 107 economists and housing experts surveyed by real-estate company Zillow.

Streaming bundles are forming, but don’t expect a cable TV-like package any time soon

There are several obstacles standing in the way of putting all the streaming services into a cable-TV-style bundle. While a mega bundle would likely limit the rate subscribers cancel, it would probably also cut down on the amount of revenue companies make per user.

Facebook scrambles to escape stock’s death spiral as users flee, sales drop

Meta is trading at its lowest since early 2019, and the stock is one of the worst performers this year in the S&P 500. The company’s problems are mounting, whether it’s the ad hit from Apple’s iOS changes or the growing threat posed by TikTok. “I’m not sure there’s a core business that works anymore at Facebook,” said Laura Martin, an analyst at Needham.

Ripple(s) From Surging Dollar

Unrest in markets around the world has cast a wider, darker cloud over the global economy and added to the laundry list of risks that have weighed on asset markets. At least in the near term, it is difficult to see most of them—not least being the Fed’s aggressive tightening cycle, ripple effects from the war in Ukraine, and a spike in volatility across multiple markets—abating and allowing for a meaningful lift in growth and/or stocks. 

Farewell, TINA

For years, we have heard that “there is no alternative” – TINA – to equities, and that thanks to the Fed, “Cash is trash.” No longer. The Federal Reserve, in its belated attempt to fight inflation, has cranked up rates to the point where today, there is an alternative to stocks: Bonds.

What’s Next for the Stock Market?

Stocks are well into undervalued territory, against a backdrop of high inflation and weak economic growth.

I broke the story of Jeffrey Dahmer in 1991. Here’s what the new Netflix series got wrong

Anne E Schwartz was working as a crime reporter when a police source told her about human body parts found in Dahmer’s apartment. Three decades later, she tells Bevan Hurley what viewers should know when watching Netflix’s dramatisation of the case.