Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: Is the Fed Done? – Rate hike expectations are changing as the economy looks to be cooling off in pockets, but stubbornly strong in other areas. We discuss what the Fed will do, when mortgage rates will settle out, why to invest today, and some year-end portfolio tax saving strategies in our latest podcast.

With Mortgage and Other Rates Increasing, is a Family Loan an Option?

With interest rates noticeably higher than a year ago and still on the rise, the increasing cost of financing may be top of mind for some borrowers. In this environment, an intrafamily loan, or family loan, may be good a tool to consider if the circumstances make sense.

Elephants in the Room

Scott Galloway’s latest with a great explanation of big tech’s struggles and why they might continue.

12 Lessons on Money and More From Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger

Wisdom from two of the world’s most successful investors. 

Active Funds Stepped Up Their Game This Year

The best year for actively managed mutual funds since 2018.

Here’s how much equity U.S. homeowners have lost since May

Three months in a row of price declines have taken some home equity numbers down nationally, although less than 1% of homeowners are underwater on their mortgages.

IRS Seizes Another Silk Road Hacker’s $3.36 Billion Bitcoin Stash

A year after a billion-dollar seizure of the dark-web market’s crypto, the same agency found a giant trove hidden under a different hacker’s floorboards.

The Best Books of 2022 So Far

The New Yorker’s editors and critics chose this year’s most captivating, notable, brilliant, surprising, absorbing, weird, thought-provoking, and talked-about reads. 

Book Recommendation

The Leadership Secrets of Nick Saban: How Alabama’s Coach Became the Greatest Ever by John Talty

The Leadership Secrets of Nick Sabin by John Talty book

A good friend and loyal reader sent me this excellent leadership book.
In The Leadership Secrets of Nick Saban, senior sports editor and SEC Insider for Alabama Media Group, John Talty, highlights the keys to Saban’s winning strategy and offers readers a blueprint for paving their own paths to success using the esteemed coach’s leadership lessons.