Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: Best Books I Read in 2021 – Sharing my favorite books from 2021, recommendations from prior years, and two ways to get up-to-date reviews and recommendations.


Our team’s latest looks at what might be next for the markets.

Markets Pause in November. What’s Next? by Heritage Financial

The survey from Herbers & Company found that individuals with assets exceeding $1.2 million and benefiting from the services of an advisor displayed far more satisfaction than those that did not.

New Study Finds Clients Using Financial Advisors Are Happier by Patrick Donachie

Important investing point: market reacts to difference from expectations and not always the actual numbers.

Why the Markets Shrugged Off the Latest Inflation Numbers by Randall Forsyth

More companies are making remote work permanent, forcing developers to convert old office buildings into warehouses, apartments and other uses

That Big Office Building? It’s an E-Commerce Warehouse Now. by Chip Cutter and Konrad Putzier

Another concern I have with crypto, it’s running smack dab against the sustainability trend.

Here’s how many Visa transactions can be completed using the energy to mine one bitcoin by Steve Goldstein

You may have heard of value traps, but probably not growth traps. The GMO team explains. And as they write, “Why shine a light on growth traps today? Growth stocks around the world are priced with exceedingly high expectations.”

VALUE TRAPS VS. GROWTH TRAPS by GMO’s Asset Allocation Team

People tend to know what makes them angry with more certainty than what might make them happy. Happiness is complicated because you keep moving the goalposts. Misery is more durable. So you can move the needle a lot by focusing on what not to do in life.

Assured Misery by Morgan Housel

Here’s how the pandemic could finally end next year, and what experts say that’ll look like.

The Covid pandemic could end next year, experts say — here’s what that looks like, and how the U.S. could get there by Cory Stieg

The futuristic tech Mark Zuckerberg is investing billions in could remake the internet.

Why you should care about Facebook’s big push into the metaverse by Shirin Ghaffary

Whether you are bullish or bearish, there is a pundit out there just waiting to satisfy your confirmation bias. Instead, find a better way to let smart, insightful people inform your worldview, while still retaining your own independence of thought.

Stop Listening to Pundits by Barry Ritholtz

For years, a Welshman who threw away the key to his cybercurrency stash has been fighting to excavate the local landfill.

Half a Billion in Bitcoin, Lost in the Dump by D.T. Max