Beyond The Basics

A Framework for Building Wealth

If you already know the financial planning basics, the fundamentals, and the mistakes to avoid, but are uncertain what comes next to build your wealth, this personal finance book is for you. 

Most books on personal finance and financial literacy fall into one of two categories.

Some cover the basics: the smart use of credit cards, debt management, buying a home, how mortgages work, and starting to save early.

Some deal with managing your own money by trying to turn you into an investment genius, leaving you under the impression that just by following a few simple formulas or spending a few hours a week, you will beat the pros in an extremely competitive arena.

Too few books present a comprehensive approach that takes you beyond the basics and focuses on the key decisions for building financial wealth.

I wrote this book to help bridge that gap—to provide an individual capital allocation framework for successful people who are looking for what to do next.

Part one focuses on making money and managing wealth, saving it, and minimizing taxes.

The second part teaches you how to maximize wealth and invest that money.

The final section explains how to protect that money along the way.

For more about why I wrote it.

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Personal finance book, Beyond the Basics: Maximizing, Allocating, and Protecting Your Capital

Beyond the Basics is an important book to read for those who are looking to take their personal finance knowledge to the next level and increase their financial success. It distills into very clear writing and practical steps Sammy’s financial planning wisdom built from many years of professional experience and careful thinking about financial security and wealth growth.”

Luis M. Viceira,

George E. Bates Professor and Senior Associate Dean
for Executive Education at Harvard Business School

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First day of fast and since I couldn’t feed my belly decided to feed my mind. Fortunately this little gem showed up in my mailbox this morning.

Immediately won me over when one of its earliest recommendations is that one of the best ways to invest in yourself is to read constantly. But it saves one of its best points for its last chapter, and it is particularly poignant at the moment. Anyone currently worried about how the market’s pandemic induced volatility is impacting their portfolio should immediately flip to page 187 and read “Protecting Your Portfolio from Yourself”.

And once you’ve done that you’ll be well served by going back to the beginning and reading the whole thing. Definitely worthwhile use of your time. Will be sending out copies to friends and family as soon as I finish this review.

Well written book. Truly beyond the basics. Some financial knowledge is helpful prior to reading this book but not necessary. Anyone planning to retire someday should read this book. I have read several financial texts. Most of them are over my head or way too basic. As a 40 something self employed individual this book reminded me to financially conscious without making me feel like a fool for not starting earlier. I always knew that I would one day switch from a “consumer” to a “saver” and this book was the impetus to start my transition. The writer shares important knowledge without self prophesying to sell his skill set. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge Mr. Azzouz.

This book is extremely helpful. It provides solid information for how one can improve their family finances. It is quite thorough, including information on tax savings, investing, estate planning and insurance in an easy to follow framework. I would recommend it to anyone as a beneficial tool to check up or improve their financial well being. I will definitely be gifting this book as well.

The author set a challenging mission with this title. Financial basics have been written about countless times, but what’s next? It’s an intriguing idea and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s a wide ranging book, starting with maximizing your capital (investing in yourself) and ending with protecting your portfolio from yourself. There are great nuggets in between, including some good information on real estate investing. It’s not overly technical and actually a fun read. The author has a good sense of humor. Enjoy