Wealthy Behavior

Wealthy Behavior is an investment podcast hosted by Sammy Azzouz, the President and CEO of Heritage Financial, a wealth management firm based in Boston, Massachusetts.

The investment podcasts are dedicated to exploring topics that are crucial to maximizing wealth and living a rich life.

Sammy is also the author of The Boston Advisor blog and personal finance book Beyond the Basics: Maximizing, Allocating and Protecting Your Capital. His goal is to make a positive impact on people’s lives and simplify finance with the help of expert guests.

Listeners can reach out to Wealthy Behavior at wealthybehavior@heritagefinancial.net with any questions, feedback or suggestions.

Wealthy Behavior Investment Podcast Episodes:

June Market Update: Signs of a Slowdown

Lessons in Risk: From Brothels to Retirement

May Market Update: Bad News Is Good News

Inflation, Markets, and the Magnificent 7

April Market Update: A Resilient First Quarter

Global Elections; The “Swift” Expansion; Home Country Bias & More with Jeffrey Kleintop

March Market Update & A Primer on Private Equity vs. Venture Capital

Get Smart, Stay Smart with Caleb Silver

Monthly Market Review: A Strong Start

What’s in Store for the Markets in 2024

Monthly Market Update: A Merry December

Today’s Housing Market

December Market Update: November’s Historic Rally

Shut Up & Keep Talking with CNBC’s Bob Pisani

November Market Update: Three Things to Watch

Through the Lens of An Optimist

October Market Update: A Yield Explosion

A Primer on Mortgage-Backed Securities

September Market Update: A Look Back & A Look Ahead

Investing in China

August Market Update: What Caught Our Eye In July

The Beat on the Street with CNBC’s Michael Santoli

July Market Update: The End Is Near

Keep More of What You Earn: Taxes

June Market Update: Resiliency Remains

New Rules for Using Debt to Build Wealth

May Market Update: A Game Of Wait & See

What Are You Leaving On The Table?

April Market Update: Bonds Are Back

The Man Who Solved the Market

March Market Update: February’s Swoon

Chip War with Author Chris Miller

February Market Update: Politics and Portfolios

The Health & Wealth Connection

January Market Update: Finding Balance in 2023

What’s In Your Portfolio?

December Market Update: Does The Fed See What We See?

Getting Into Holiday “Spirits”

November Market Update: The Beginning of the End?

The Worst Financial Advice On the Internet

October Market Update: Is the Fed Overshooting?

Who Says Bonds Are Boring?

September Market Update: A New Direction?

Not All Investments Are a Bust This Year.

August Market Update: Why Are Stocks Up In the Face of a Recession?

Presidents and Your Wealth 

It IS Different This Time. It’s Actually Not As Bad.

Are You Getting Paid for the Money You Spend?

Is the worst behind us for stocks or is this a good entry point?

A Quarter Century of Investment Insight

What’s Going on with the FAANG Stocks?

Is NOW the right time to invest in stocks?

Minimizing Personal Risk and Liability to Protect your Wealth

A Crypto Currency Primer