Sammy Azzouz, JD, CFP®

Sammy Azzouz

President, Heritage Financial Services

I’m a wealth manager from Boston and President of Heritage Financial Services. This is my 20th year as a financial advisor helping high net worth clients achieve their goals.

We work with people who are serious about their finances to build smart cost-effective portfolios linked to their financial plans.

I started my career as the lead advisor at an investment firm run by an estate planning group. Besides my wealth management responsibilities, I drafted estate planning documents, administered estates, conducted tax research and provided investment advice to a robust trust department .

I next had the opportunity to build a wealth management practice and be a Portfolio Strategist for a large money manager. In 2011, I became one of the youngest and fastest employees to be named a shareholder of that firm.

As President of Heritage Financial, my primary management responsibilities are translating our long-term vision into a strategic direction that’s effectively implemented so Heritage can remain at the forefront of delivering high-quality wealth management services to its clients.

I also serve on our Investment Committee and work closely with a select group of high net worth clients.

I’m passionate about cultivating relationships with prospective clients who fit our firm’s approach. In my free time, I love to read, golf, and spend time with my wife and three kids.

My book, Beyond the Basics: Maximizing, Allocating, and Protecting Your Capital, presents a three-part framework for growing your wealth smartly over time.

Beyond the Basics book cover

I started The Boston Advisor blog in October, 2019 to help take your money smarts to the next level by sharing personal finance articles through my Wednesday Reading List and original posts with a few key themes:

  1. You can get wealthy through disciplined investing in stocks and avoiding the behavioral traps that keep us from earning our fair share of stock market returns.
  2. Real estate investing and business ownership are also great wealth builders that deserve attention.
  3. Lifelong learning is imperative to financial well-being. It adds expertise to boost career earnings, builds financial acumen, and broadens your perspective to improve decision-making.
  4. Don’t ignore the necessary financial plannings steps to protect yourself along the way.