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Sammy Azzouz

My name is Sammy Azzouz, JD, CFP®. I’m a wealth manager from Boston, the President of Heritage Financial Services, and the author of The Boston Advisor blog. This is my 21st year helping people plan for the future and invest their money in a portfolio linked to their financial plan.

Thank you for checking out my personal finance blog. I started it to help take your money smarts to the next level by sharing wealth management articles with a few key themes:

  1. Building wealth is all about good financial decision-making. You don’t have to figure out how to outsmart, or beat, the investment pros. Here’s a Wealth Management Checklist you can use for a solid financial check-up.
  2. You can get rich through disciplined investing in stocks and avoiding the traps that keep us from earning our fair share of stock market returns. Learn more about those traps and how to navigate in Investment Mistakes to Avoid.
  3. Investors can align their portfolios with their values can and make a difference through sustainable investing.
  4. Lifelong learning helps financial well-being. You can check out my personal finance curriculum here for content suggestions and follow the Wednesday Reading List.

My book – Beyond the Basics

If you already know the financial planning basics and the mistakes to avoid, but are uncertain what comes next to increase your wealth, this book is for you.

Beyond the Basics: Maximizing, Allocating, and Protecting Your Capital, shares a three-part plan for growing your wealth over time.

Part one focuses on making money, saving it, and minimizing taxes.

The second part teaches you how to invest that money.

The final section explains how to protect that money along the way.

Here’s more about why I wrote it, how it can help, and select reviews.

Beyond the Basics by Sammy Azzouz
Beyond the Basics by Sammy Azzouz