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My name is Sammy Azzouz, JD, CFP®. I’m a wealth manager from Boston, the President of Heritage Financial Services, and the author of The Boston Advisor blog. This is my 21st year helping people plan for the future and invest their money.

I started my career as a financial advisor at a law firm. Besides my advisor responsibilities, I drafted estate plans, conducted tax research, and provided investment advice to a large trust department.

I then went on to build a national wealth management practice for a large money manager, and in 2011, became one of the youngest shareholders of that firm.

At Heritage, my main job is turning our vision into a strategic plan to allow us to remain at the forefront of providing strong wealth management services to high net worth clients.

In my free time, I love to read, golf, and spend time with my wife and three kids.

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The Boston Advisor Blog

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I started The Boston Advisor to help take your money smarts to the next level by sharing personal finance articles with a few key themes:

  1. Good decision-making builds wealth. Here’s a personal Wealth Management Checklist to get you started.
  2. You can get rich through disciplined investing in stocks and avoiding the traps that keep us from earning our fair share of stock market returns. Learn more about Investment Mistakes to Avoid.
  3. Investors can make a difference through sustainable investing.
  4. Lifelong learning helps financial well-being, and you can check out my personal finance curriculum here for content suggestions.

My book

Beyond the Basics: Maximizing, Allocating, and Protecting Your Capital, shares a three-part plan for growing your wealth over time. If you already know the financial planning basics and the mistakes to avoid, but are uncertain what comes next to increase your wealth, this book is for you. For more about why I wrote it, how it can help, and select reviews, please check out the above link.

Beyond the Basics by Sammy Azzouz