Wednesday Reading List

Stuff worth sharing from the past week

ICYMI: My thoughts on the Coronavirus and whether it should impact your investment strategy

Stock performance study shows companies should take environmental and social factors seriously by Pippa Stevens

More of our clients are asking about sustainable and socially responsible investments. This article shows why businesses need to focus on it too.

This short video does a great job explaining ESG investing.

Fed on Hold as Inflation Remains Stubbornly Below Fed’s 2.0% Target by Ed Yardeni

Ed Yardeni is worth listening to about the economy and the Fed. In his view, the Fed may not do much of anything this year, and the next rate move could be another cut.

Yield of Dreams: A Closer Look at Dividends

Many investors think that to live off of a portfolio during retirement it needs to generate enough income to meet their spending needs through things like dividends, interest payments, and real estate income. This article highlights a better way of thinking about it, which is important in today’s low yield environment.

Book Recommendation

Am I Being Too Subtle?: The Adventures of a Business Maverick by Sam Zell

“[T]his has always been a fatal flaw in US real estate: volume of development has been related to the availability of funds, not to demand. The industry has a long history of overbuilding when there’s easy money.”

“All the opportunity in the world means nothing if you don’t actually pull the trigger.”

“History shows that businesses get buried when they don’t delegate enough – but also when they delegate too much.”

For more book recommendations, here’s the 7 Best Books I Read in 2019.