Wednesday Reading List

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This week’s blast coming at you from the beach…

…while trying to figure out when I can become this guy.

The Great Affordability Crisis Breaking America by Annie Lowery

Some will focus on the political point being made with the proposed solutions, but that’s not why I’m sharing this. It’s thought provoking to read that in a decade where we’ve had very low inflation, certain things have undoubtedly become unaffordable. People claim that the inflation rate isn’t calculated correctly. Is that the issue, or is something else going on?

Chemical Toxicity and the Baby Bust by Jeremy Grantham

Grantham is an investing legend who has recently taken on the challenge of fighting climate change. In this typically long piece from him, he warns of the dangers of chemicals in a way that only he can.

“the rapidly growing damage to fertility is an immediate threat to the survival of our species that must be counteracted in the next handful of years (and surely will be?). It is almost certain to become a major investment issue soon, ending with the banning of broad classes of chemicals, which constitute a major fraction of earnings for some chemical companies. It is clear to me that several chemical companies represent high levels of risk in this area, risks that are currently underestimated. The ethical and social behavior of some chemical companies as they lobby to defend substantially all their products, thought by independent scientists to be dangerous, should perhaps also raise questions. But the bottom line is this: either endocrine disrupting chemicals will go out of business or we will!”

Interested in Sustainable Investing? Here’s What You Need to Know About Sustainable Funds by Karen Wallace

Helpful guide on sustainable investing – what is it, what do the different terms mean, and how to evaluate the options yourself. We’ve focused a lot on this recently. For help navigating your options with us click here.

Self-made billionaires like Warren Buffett and Elon Musk prove if you don’t make time for these 6 little things every day, you’ll never be successful by Dustin McKissen

I normally can’t stand goofy articles about billionaires who wake up at 4:00 to workout, meditate, read, and accomplish 52 things before the rest of us have thought about getting up almost as much as I hate reading about Mark Wahlberg’s latest 3:30 a.m. workout. But this article is different. Good advice.

What happened to winter? Jet stream science explains unseasonable warmth in U.S. by Denise Chow

I learned something new here and found it interesting.

And finally for my Mass readers – get ready for the new hands-free law!

Here’s how the Massachusetts distracted driving bill impacts you

Book Recommendation

Dark Sacred Night by Michael Connelly

Since I’m already in beach mode, you should know that Connelly is the best crime thriller author out there. This is the most recent one I read, but check out his website and find one that you like. They’re all great.