Wednesday Reading List

Have the Markets Priced In Projected Interest Rate Changes?

A quick update on market conditions and answers to your top investing questions in roughly 10 minutes through this video post.

Hedging Stocks Against Rising Rates

For investors considering hedging some of the risk of higher interest rates in their stock portfolios, the mindful addition of short duration stocks may be an effective way to manage risk while remaining invested in the markets.

Fidelity will start offering bitcoin as an investment option in 401(k) accounts 

A surprising development. Employers need to approach with care given the government’s warnings about crypto and their responsibilities under ERISA. Early word is that Fidelity’s own 401(k) plan won’t offer it.

Netflix and Facebook have given up most of the last few years’ gains since tech’s November peak

The tech market has plunged since its peak in November, and Netflix and Facebook have been hit particularly hard. Netflix is down nearly 68% since the Nasdaq reached a record on Nov. 19. Facebook has lost over 45% of its value since then and is down more than 50% from its record two months earlier.

Kevin O’Leary’s No. 1 money mistake to avoid during periods of high inflation

The most important thing Americans can do with their money during period of high inflation is to avoid keeping the bulk of it in a low-interest savings account.

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Highest Inflation Since 1981: What Does This Mean for the People of America?

The highest inflation seen in over forty years is the most dramatic economic change in at least a decade. Consumers need to adjust for it in every aspect of their household finances, from budgeting to borrowing to saving for retirement.

4 Reasons the Housing Market Won’t Crash

Some structural reasons housing could remain strong even in the face of rising mortgage rates.

Book Recommendation

The Bond King: How One Man Made a Market, Built an Empire, and Lost It All by Mary Childs

From the host of NPR’s Planet Money, the deeply-investigated story of how one visionary, dogged investor changed American finance forever.