Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: Disinflation Helping the Market – July’s inflation reports came in better than expected, and the disinflation they showed helped the market. Understanding why that was and what two possible outcomes we can expect from here.

A Recession Becomes More Likely (Podcast)

July’s market moves seemed paradoxical – a recession becomes more likely, yet stocks and bonds both rose during the month. What drove July’s positive market moves and where are we headed next?

The Biggest Life Event That No One Talks About

Planning the personal side of retirement doesn’t get enough attention, nor does helping people who have been lifelong savers comfortably shift into spending mode.

What the Inflation Reduction Act does and doesn’t do about rising prices

The massive climate, health care and tax bill making its way toward President Biden’s desk is called the Inflation Reduction Act. But how much does it actually do to slow consumer prices that are climbing at their fastest pace in about 40 years? And what else is in the bill?

Ready or not, the supply chain transformation is underway

We need to talk about globalization: It’s simply not what it was. The dream of untrammeled global growth and trade has been cut short by supply chain snags that are now familiar to CEOs and everyday consumers alike.

Where Do Active Fund Managers Hold the Upper Hand?

The active/passive debate doesn’t have to be seen in absolutes. These are the markets where active managers reign supreme.

The End of Rate Hikes?

The signals from central banks that rate hikes, which began last year, may be coming to an end could be welcome news for investors looking ahead to the next 12 months.