Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: Best Books I Read in 2022

Sharing the best books from 2022, recommendations from prior years, and two ways to get up-to-date reviews and recommendations.

15 Ways to Teach Kids About Giving During the Holidays (While Doing Something Together)!

The holidays are an especially wonderful time to teach kids about giving and serving others.

Warren Buffett is beating the market this year

Buffett has ridden some energy bets to earn a positive return and beat the market by 20% or so.

Amazon stock gives up last of its pandemic gains after almost 50% slump in 2022

Like the rest of Big Tech, Amazon has been battered this year by a broader market sell-off tied to soaring inflation, a worsening economy and rising interest rates.

How Often is the Market Down in Consecutive Years?

We’re locking in one down year right now, so what does history show will happen next year? Two negative years in a row do happen, but not often.

Top Global Risks of 2023

Considering that a new year almost always brings surprises of one form or another, the Schwab team highlighted their top five that may define the global markets in 2023.

This 529 savings plan myth is making college pricier for families, consultant says: ‘It’s candidly, blatantly not true’

529 plans are an excellent tool for tax-efficient college savings. Unfortunately, too many myths prevent people from fully embracing them.

Americans are draining the money they saved during the pandemic

This is not a good sign for the economy. Estimates of excess savings vary, but according to data from Bank of America, Americans still have about $1.2 trillion in extra savings, which is down substantially from a peak of more than $2 trillion last year. The personal saving rate also dropped to 2.3 percent in October, down from this year’s peak of 4.7 percent in January and 7.3 percent a year before.

Why You Should Enable Apple’s New Security Feature in iOS 16.2 Right Now

Apple just rolled out iOS 16.2, a software update that includes a key new feature called Advanced Data Protection for iCloud. That means you can finally enable end-to-end encryption for your iCloud backups so no one but you—not even Apple—can access your iCloud data.

Book Recommendation

Barkley: A Biography by Timothy Bella

The definitive biography of Charles Barkley, exploring his early childhood, his storied NBA career, and his enduring legacy as a provocative voice in American pop culture