Wednesday Reading List

2023 Market Outlook

Our teams shares its thoughts on what to expect after a reset year in the markets.

2022 Was the Year of the Metaverse—Until It Wasn’t

A word most of us hadn’t heard of became a 2022 buzzword and just as quickly fizzled out. Mega bucks are being spent on the metaverse, including by companies you likely own in your portfolios.

22 Things That Made the World a Better Place in 2022

From spinal implants that allow paralyzed people to walk to smashing an asteroid off course with a rocket, this wasn’t just a year of negative headlines.

Here’s (Almost) Everything Wall Street Expects in 2023

Most of these folks will be wrong, but knowing the consensus is important as deviations from expectations move markets sometimes more than what actually occurs.

How to read more: Advice from authors, experts and readers

People always ask how they can find more time to read.

Stocks are down, but it’s a ‘great time’ for a Roth IRA conversion—here’s why

Taking advantage of depressed stock market prices to set yourself up for a better future.

Book Recommendation

Chip War: The Fight for the World’s Most Critical Technology by Chris Miller

Book cover, Chip War by Chris Miller

An epic account of the decades-long battle to control what has emerged as the world’s most critical resource—microchip technology—with the United States and China increasingly in conflict.