Wednesday Reading List

There have been numerous occasions when commentators declared an end to the dollar’s dominance only to be proven wrong. 

Nicholas Sargen

Where Should I Put My Cash? by Heritage Financial

Our team tackles the question of where to put your cash now that yields are higher but most banks still aren’t paying interest, plus we provide an overview of the different protections associated with various account types.

So you’re worried about an earnings recession by TKer (Sam Ro)

One of the biggest concerns in the stock market right now is the expectation that earnings growth will have been negative in Q1 for the second quarter in a row.

Chart of the Week

82% of the market’s return this year has come from 8 stocks.

Home Prices Fell 3% in March—Biggest Annual Drop in Over a Decade by RedFin

The median U.S. home sale price fell 3.3% in March to $400,528, the largest year-over-year drop since 2012. That follows February’s 1.2% dip, which was the first annual decrease since 2012.

BlackRock Weekly Market Commentary by BlackRock

Emerging Markets assets have the edge for now due to China’s restart, ending EM interest rate hiking cycles and a weaker U.S. dollar, and more on the markets and global economy.

See also: China: Strong Economy, Weak Stocks by Charles Schwab Asset Management

The dollar’s demise is being greatly exaggerated by The Hill

Paul Krugman tells the story about his mentor, Charles Kindleberger, who told his students, “anyone who spends too much time thinking about international money tends to go mad.” 

The Four Things to Haggle Over When Buying a Home by The Wall Street Journal

Home buyers can reduce their expenses by negotiating on more than just price.

The global economy’s slow-motion reset by Axios

There is plenty of reason to think that ripples from higher rates will not cause the kinds of financial catastrophe seen in 2008; the damage could and should be much more contained. The U.S. economy may well escape a recession entirely. At the same time, it is hard to imagine that we’ve seen the end of the disruption caused by such a massive shift in the cost of money.

Book Cover for the War of Art by Steven Pressfield

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield

Steven Pressfield is a writer who took DECADES to get where he wanted his career to be, and this book was recommended via another blog I follow. While ostensibly about breaking through your creative battles, the advice works for most goals you haven’t completed. It’s a good book, but the blunt advice sometimes went over the line when minimizing mental health and other legitimate obstacles people don’t need to be lectured about.