Wednesday Reading List

More people lost money waiting for corrections and anticipating corrections than the actual corrections.

Peter Lynch

ICYMI: How to Weather a Recession

The debate is on. Will we have a recession, soft-landing, rolling recessions, or something else? Regardless, the economy has slowed down and pockets of it will continue to slow down. Feeling unprepared? How to weather a recession so your finances can escape unscathed comes down to reviewing your finances and addressing weaknesses.

Gift Ideas For Adult Children by Heritage Financial

Here are some ideas for more modest financial gifts and non-financial assistance you can offer your adult children.

Vicious Traps by Morgan House

The idea that two innocent small things can combine to form one big dangerous thing isn’t intuitive.

Chart of the Week

A measured response to the debt ceiling talks by Vanguard

As Congress and the White House continue to negotiate on raising the debt ceiling, investors are asking how they should respond if lawmakers fail to reach a deal. It’s best to stay the course by maintaining a long-term perspective and sticking with your investment plan. 

Debt Problem More Than Just a Ceiling by Charles Schwab Asset Management

Jeffrey Kleintop’s latest. Although few nations have a debt ceiling similar to the U.S.’, rising government debt levels are a widespread global risk that may lead to lower economic output and weaker growth.

WFH vs RTO by Barry Ritholtz

There are many good reasons to want to see people working collaboratively together in the office. It’s hard to train and harder to mentor new, young employees. But there are many reasons that make this so problematic.

5 things I wish I heard at the graduation I never had by Bill Gates

The advice I shared with the class of 2023 is advice I could have used myself.

Mind over Matter: Perspective for Investors on the US Debt Ceiling by Dimensional Fund Advisors

Although a US government technical default likely would trigger reverberations throughout global markets, we believe a balanced asset allocation of global equity and fixed income investments combined with a long-term investment horizon are the best tools investors can use to help ride out short-term and close-to-home uncertainty.

Book cover for King: A Life by Jonathan Big

King: A Life by Jonathan Eig

Hailed by the New York Times as “the new definitive biography,” King mixes revelatory new research with accessible storytelling to offer an MLK for our times.