Wednesday Reading List

Don’t try to buy at the bottom and sell at the top. It can’t be done except by liars.

Bernard Baruch

Latest from the Heritage Financial team

The Real Deal Economy: Q3 2023 – In our “Real Deal Economy” quarterly video series Michael Waldron, Heritage Financial’s Director of Portfolio Management, digs into the most recent economic news making headlines and breaks down which data points matter for your investments, and which ones are noise that you can largely ignore.

High TIPS Yields Are a Retiree’s Best Friend by Morningstar

For most of my career, TIPS have been a dead-end investment. Now someone is making the case for why that may be changing.

Are you maximizing your charitable giving? by J.P Morgan

If you, too, are planning on donating to charity this year, be sure to consider these best practices and helpful tips to help you maximize your impact. 

Obesity Drugs Are a Potential $100 Billion Opportunity by 2030, Goldman Sachs Analysts Say by Yahoo Finance

Goldman’s prediction is the latest in a series to foresee triple-digit billion sales in the anti-obesity market, fueled in particular by recent clinical trial results showing that Novo’s Wegovy reduced not just weight but also the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Debt: Hard to Handle by Charles Schwab Asset Management

Interest expense is a large and growing issue for both the economy and stock market, which reinforces why investors should stay up in quality amid interest-rate-driven headwinds.

Investors should treat analysis of bond yields with caution by The Economist

The exercise is more like reading tea leaves than scientific endeavour.

A Few Laws of Getting Rich by Morgan Housel

There are a million ways to get rich, most of which involve exploiting specific niches and one-off opportunities, to say nothing of luck. Universal rules about how to get rich are hard to come by. But losing money, or losing happiness when you have money, or becoming a slave to your money – those stories tend to have common denominators. They are so common you can call them laws.

Greater tax efficiency through equity asset location by Vanguard

In a follow-up to earlier research, our latest paper dives deeper into the nuances of asset location with equity subasset classes. Investors can further maximize after-tax returns by considering equity characteristics such as geographic region, dividend yield, and management style, and strategically placing them across taxable and tax-advantaged accounts.

What Happened to San Francisco, Really? by The New Yorker

It depends on which tech bro, city official, billionaire investor, grassroots activist, or Michelin-starred restaurateur you ask.

Book Recommendation

The Exchange: After The Firm by John Grisham

#1 New York Times bestselling author John Grisham delivers high-flying international suspense in a stunning new legal thriller that marks the return of Mitch McDeere, the brilliant hero of The Firm.