Wednesday Reading List

For investors as a whole, returns decrease as motion increases.

Warren Buffett

Latest from the Heritage Financial team

Understanding Medicare Open Enrollment – Whether you are enrolling in Medicare for the first time or already enrolled, here’s what you need to know to make the most of this period.

Never Mind the 1%. Mini-Millionaires Are Where Wealth Is Growing Fastest. by The Wall Street Journal

College education, owning stocks, buying a house, and lowering debt costs when rates were down all helped drive net worth gains for the upper middle class.

Why Go Long When Short-Term Bonds Yield More? by Charles Schwab Asset Management

With the Federal Reserve poised to change direction, investors who have been investing in very short-term securities may soon face “reinvestment risk.”

How Much is a 3% Mortgage Worth? by Ben Carlson

If you owned a home before 2020 or so you should be sitting on a nice pile of equity. And if you took out a mortgage or were able to refinance when mortgage rates were at generational lows, you locked in one of the best inflation hedges imaginable.


A deeper dive into the investment opportunity that Japanese stocks may provide.

Is the 60/40 Portfolio a Good Investment Now? by Morningstar

Why the outlook for the 60/40 portfolio isn’t as bleak as some claim.

Commercial real estate: Weathering the storm by Vanguard

The shift to remote work and the rise in interest rates have raised alarm bells about the health of the $5.7 trillion commercial real estate lending market. Although our analysis shows some stress in the office sector, we don’t see a systemic financial risk to this lending market, and we believe investors should be able to sidestep meaningful impact to fixed income portfolios through careful security selection.

Giving season 2023: 4 ways to enhance giving and make an impact by J.P. Morgan

Many people feel extra generous during the holiday season, while also looking to make year-end donations for tax benefits. Here are some ways you can make an impact this giving season.

The Mediterranean Diet Really Is That Good for You. Here’s Why. by The New York Times

It has become the bedrock of virtuous eating. Experts answer common questions about how it leads to better health.