Wednesday Reading List

Are We in a Stock Market Bubble? by Ray Dalio

Dalio shares the 6 things that makes a bubble based on his research and concludes that the U.S. stock market doesn’t look “very bubbly”, the Magnificent 7 are frothy but not full on bubble although if they fail to live up to the hype they could face a serious decline,

A chart market skeptics will find frustrating 📉 by TKer

P/E multiples have expanded even as expectations of Fed rate cuts have faded. Market skeptics would consider this irrational. Why would people be paying up for stocks in an environment like this? Sam explains that in a healthy economy, the markets are less driven by Fed moves than in periods of stress and valuations don’t tell you much in the short-term.

Why a 60/30/10 Budget Could Be the New 50/30/20 by Time

I forgot that Elizabeth Warren came up with this 50/30/20 budget 18 years ago. 50% needs, 30% wants, 20% saving. With rents high this article say 60/30/10 just as good a starting point for young folks. Either way, a framework like this is helpful for savers looking for wealth-building guidelines.

How I’m Setting Up Generation Alpha for Financial Success by Investopedia

A friend of mine wrote this piece for Investopedia touching on something many high net worth clients are asking. Mary Beth shares that it’s helpful to engage in financial literacy from an early age, to use a three jars approach for spending, saving, and sharing, and take advantage of technology and financial literacy resources.

What to Know About the New Rules for Buying and Selling Homes by The Wall Street Journal

You may have heard about this massive settlement by The National Association of Realtors related to home sales commissions. This article shares that buyer commissions will essentially be unbundled in the sales process and subject to negotiation and agreement with your realtor and the seller starting this summer. It could lead to more out of pocket costs for buyers and weaker representation, but that’s just my opinion as I think this is an absurd lawsuit that misrepresented how an actual real estate transaction occurs.

ICYMI: 100% Stocks in Retirement?

Since stocks have historically performed the best, should you have an all-stock portfolio in retirement? Plus two things you can do to increase your chances of retirement success.

What Is My Business Worth? by Heritage Financial

For most business owners, their business is their largest asset. And you don’t want to guess at the value of your most valuable asset. The Heritage team shares the many reasons why you need a valuation done, including needing to plan for retirement, estate and tax planning, and succession planning. The post then shares several variables that can impact your business value and outlines ways to get a valuation done.