Wednesday Reading List

Roth 401(k) employer matches may trigger a tax bill for you. Here’s what you need to know. by USA Today

Employers can now match your 401(k) contributions directly in the Roth 401(k) tax-free bucket, but if you opt for this you need to remember that since Roth dollars are after-tax you will have to pay income tax on those match contributions.

Reaganomics Is on Its Last Legs by The Atlantic

Both parties used to agree that the more free trade, the better, but now they’re both signaling they think free trade has gone too far with President Biden also enacting tariffs against Chinese products like electric cars and other clean tech (amongst other things). Free trade proved too disruptive to the U.S. economy and both parties don’t want to fall into this again as U.S. manufacturing and clean tech solutions grow domestically.

Target to lower prices on thousands of basic items as inflation sends customers scrounging for deals by The Associated Press

Target plans to cut prices on thousands of consumer basics this summer, from diapers to milk, as inflation cuts into household budgets and more Americans pay closer attention to their spending. The price cuts, already applied to 1,500 items, will eventually include 5,000 food, drink and essential household goods.

The Ex-Girlfriend and the 401(k): A Cautionary Estate Planning Tale by Think Advisor

Your beneficiary designation controls where the assets governed by them go. Make sure they’re updated. Here’s an article summarizing a legal case where an ex-girlfriend from 16 years ago received a $754,000 401(k) because her ex-boyfriend never got around to changing his beneficiary designation.

Investing in an Election Year by Heritage Financial

This year, elections are slated to occur in countries representing 40% of the global population. Are Election Years Bad for Markets? What do Elections Tell us About the Market? We look at past data to answer some of the most common questions about investing in an election year.

Latest Book Recommendation

 The Algebra of Wealth: A Simple Formula for Financial Security by Scott Galloway

Check out my book review here.

Things to Do in Boston This Weekend

Things to Do in Boston This Weekend

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Things to Do This Week in Boston

Summer kicks off with the biggest Boston Calling yet