Wednesday Reading List

Just a Job to Do: Assessing the Labor Market by Charles Schwab Asset Management

The labor market is weakening, and the unemployment rate has increased to 4.1%. A reliable recession indicator has been triggered because of this. However, this economy has shrugged off recession fears for a while. If the jobs data weakens, the Fed may cut rates before the 2% inflation target is hit.

Time for a Rate Cut? by Professor Jeremy J. Siegel

Professor Siegel says yes because of the labor market and economic weakness he is seeing (although he’s not predicting a recession). He also believes that growth will continue to outperform value until rate cuts happen.

BofA: ‘Q: Is it better to sell early or late? A: Neither.’ ⏰ by TKer

Markets are at all-time highs. Sam looks at whether it makes sense to try and time the market and sell while the going is good. It turns out that unless you can time it to within a very tight window on the way out and then on the way back in, you’ll harm your portfolio trying. All-time highs are bullish and nothing to fear.

How a Roth conversion ladder can save on future taxes and unlock retirement funds early by CNBC

Perhaps the single biggest missed planning opportunity I see is people who don’t try to increase the size of their tax-free Roth IRA bucket. Even if you aren’t eligible to contribute to one directly, there are planning steps you can take to build up a Roth IRA. One such step is gradual Roth IRA conversions, discussed here.

Warren Mosler Explains Why High Interest Rates Might Fan Inflation by Bloomberg

Odd Lots is is quickly becoming my favorite economy/markets/business podcast, and in this episode summarized here they had a fascinating conversation with the father of MMT who talks about the government spending like drunken sailors and that when debt levels are as high as they are, you need to cut rates to fight inflation.


Third Quarter Market Outlook Slides – The top six investing charts you need to see this quarter to understand how things may play out going forward.

Planning For The Tax Cut Sunset – The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is set to sunset at the end of 2025. For many people, this expiration of tax cuts will mean more of your money will be going toward taxes. Heritage Financial’s Chief Planning Officer, Ed Jastrem, joins me to discuss the “use it or lose it” window of time that is left to save on taxes and shares the impacts this could have on your wealth, your habits, and your legacy.

What to Consider When Buying a Second Home by Heritage Financial

Buying a second home can be an exciting milestone. It can become a vacation spot to build memories year after year and a valuable financial asset. It also comes with a unique set of choices that can impact your personal finances. At Heritage, we believe in making informed decisions to grow and safeguard your wealth. In addition to lifestyle fit and ongoing maintenance costs, we discuss some key factors to consider when buying a second home.

Book Recommendation

Babel: Or the Necessity of Violence: An Arcane History of the Oxford Translators’ Revolution by R.F. Kuang

“Absolutely phenomenal. One of the most brilliant, razor-sharp books I’ve had the pleasure of reading that isn’t just an alternative fantastical history, but an interrogative one; one that grabs colonial history and the Industrial Revolution, turns it over, and shakes it out.” Shannon Chakraborty, bestselling author of The City of Brass

Boston Corner

Cape Cod Cones: A Field Guide to Ice Cream on Cape Cod & the Islands

Boston-area home prices creep up again

The third party third rail: Former Lt. Gov. sees GOP successor in Forward Party

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