Wednesday Reading List

Stuff worth sharing from the past week

ICYMI: Discussing Investing and Financial Planning During Volatile Times – Radio Entrepreneurs appearance to discuss handling your investment portfolio and financial plan during times of extreme market volatility.


We’re entering election season. This is a good guide if you’re interested in learning how to read and interpret polls.

How To Read Polls In 2020 by Nathaniel Rakich


A big concern when the stock market recovers before the economy, is if the stock market is wrong and the economic recovery won’t come or won’t last. This is a good piece on how often we have a double dip recession.

How Rare is a Double Dip Recession? by Ben Carlson


Long piece alert, but well worth it. “What do Covid-19, Ebola, Lyme and AIDS have in common? They jumped to humans from animals after we started destroying habitats and ruining ecosystems.”

How Humanity Unleashed a Flood of New Diseases by Ferris Jabr


“Health experts want a 9/11 Commission-style report on the US pandemic response. They say we must forecast and prepare for outbreaks as we do for wars or weather.”

Covid-19 Is Bad. But It May Not Be the ‘Big One’ by Maryn McKenna


You learn something every day. I had no idea Rhode Island’s official name was The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

Rhode Island may change its official state name over slavery connotations by Zachary Folk


Lots of bubble talk these days. This piece lays out both sides and comes to a sensible conclusion.

The stock market may be pricey, but it’s nothing like the genuine market bubbles of the past by Michael Santoli