Wednesday Reading List

Wondering what to expect or watch out for over the next six months? Our team’s latest, 2Q 2021 Review and What to Expect for the Rest of the Year, has some answers.

For a deeper dive on the economy, how to invest in bonds today, inflation, and which areas of the stock market we like, check out our 2021 Mid-Year Outlook.

I loved this piece that redefines wealth as the freedom to do what you would like and to stop obsessing about more.

The Highest Forms of Wealth by Morgan Housel

The Milwaukee Bucks recently won the NBA title, led by their charismatic superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo. Lots of wisdom packed in this short clip. For more about him, check out The Fire That Forged Giannis Antetokounmpo by Mirin Fader. It’s an article excerpt of her new book about him.

Good article explaining what quantitative easing is, how it’s done, and the pros and cons of the approach.

Fed weighs curbing cash machine as critics warn of housing, stock bubble by Victoria Guida

Apparently you can have too many different hard seltzers on the market and the world won’t just drink them all. Real business story about how this impacted a publicly traded company.

Boston Beer CEO acknowledges Q2 hard seltzer sales miss – ‘we don’t look very smart’ by Pia Singh

Modern Monetary Theory is important to understand as we are moving in that direction with our fiscal and monetary policy. Here we see it explained and understand how far its own proponents think we have come in embracing it.

Are We Living in an MMT World? Not Yet by Ben Holland, Katia Dmitrieva, and Matthew Boesler