Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: Summer Reading List – This summer reading list has books I enjoyed this year that I hope you like as well. It has four fiction and four non-fiction recommendations, plus links to other reading articles and resources for you.


Our team’s latest has great advice on spotting the right advisor.

Three Signs Your Advisor is Putting Your Best Interests First (And One Red Flag to Watch For) by Heritage Financial

The week started with a decent stock market pullback ostensibly because of concerns about the delta Covid variant. The Schwab team takes a thorough and detailed look at the market.

Schwab Market Perspective: Will the Economy Turn? by Liz Ann Sonders, Jeffrey Kleintop, and Kathy Jones

Worried? Check out Protecting Your Portfolio From The News.

The well respected firm was hit with some recent fines. Another reminder why a lot of us focus on the fiduciary standard. For more about why – HERE.

TIAA is Accused of Misleading Retirement Investors by The New York Times

More about the potential real estate market turning point.

U.S. housing market landscape may be starting to shift as newly listed homes surpass 2019 levels by Ashley Fahey

Wondering if you should sell? Check out Should You Sell Your Home?

I went to look at used cars the other day and the dealer recommended I wait around nine months. Here’s why.

The Car Market Is Insane. It Might Stay That Way for a While. by Jordan Weissmann

I definitely gained weight early during the pandemic, but this surprised me. The average weight gain by those who gained unwanted pounds during the pandemic was 29 pounds.

U.S. Workers Try to Lose Weight Before Returning to the Office by Elise Young

I didn’t read The Atlantic pre-Covid, but for the last year and a half I thought their coverage was worth checking out. Sad to see them struggling, but a common media story.

The Atlantic thrived through Trump and the pandemic. The future is harder. by Dylan Byers

I always enjoyed Anthony Bourdain’s content and his life perspective and looking forward to this documentary.

Three years after the suicide of Anthony Bourdain, a documentary tries to make sense of it all by Tim Carman

Some will think this is obvious and some will think it’s news bias they don’t want to hear. I found it informative.

Delta Is Driving a Wedge Through Missouri by Ed Yong

Book Recommendation

Amazon Unbound: Jeff Bezos and the Invention of a Global Empire by Brad Stone

A sequel of sorts to his earlier book on Amazon it looks at the years that took Amazon from an occasionally profitable company to a behemoth.

Here’s a great podcast with the author.