Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: Checking in on This Bull Market -The bull market which began in March, 2020 continues to do well this year. How did we get here, and more importantly, where does the market go from here? Recapping this bull and previewing future thoughts.

Our team’s latest.

Looking for a quick update on market conditions and answers to your top investing questions in less than 10 minutes? Check out our 3rd Quarter 2021 Update video where Heritage Portfolio Manager, Michael Waldron, CFA, answers these important questions:

  • With stocks markets up strong so far this year, is now a good time to invest in stocks?
  • Are U.S. stocks overvalued?
  • Will higher taxes hurt the stock market?
  • Are emerging markets a good investment given what’s happening in China?
  • How can I protect my investments from inflation?

Is Now a Good Time To Invest in Stocks? by Heritage Financial

For your much ado about nothing file…

Setting up a retirement budget and targeting a safe withdrawal rate are key steps highlighted here. See also Your Safe Retirement Withdrawal Rate.

Key Steps to Take Before Retirement by Christine Benz

Too many Americans still don’t have an estate plan in place. Here’s what you need to know.

Estate Planning During a Pandemic – Quit Stalling by Tony Drake

Meta is here. With it come challenges for its investors similar to what Google’s parent company dealt with when they created Alphabet.

The new Facebook faces the same struggles as Alphabet as both companies try to turn sci-fi into reality by Steve Kovach

It’s one of those common sense things that gets chewed up by politics.

Immigrants could fix the US labor shortage by Nicole Narea

We should use this opportunity to increase overall U.S. health.

Diet-related diseases pose a major risk for Covid-19. But the U.S. overlooks them. by Helena Bottemiller Evich