Selling Your Business in This Market

It’s been a hot M&A market for at least ten years. If anything, it feels like it’s heating up, and it’s not likely to get better than this. I work with many business owners who have received unsolicited strong offers to sell their business in 2021. I touched on how to respond to these offers in Someone Offered to Buy Your Business. Now it’s time to dig deeper.

If you own a business, it’s likely your most valuable asset. You need to plan for it. That doesn’t necessarily mean selling your business. But it’s a strong option right now. And you should understand it.

I discussed the M&A market today in our recent webinar – Is the Window for Selling My Business Closing? – with Greg Rush from Dunn Rush. An investment banker and wealth manager talk about selling your business, specifically:

  • How Covid impacted the M&A market and which types of companies benefited or were hurt (2:12)
  • Timeline for a business sale, best practices to be prepared, characteristics of top performing companies (6:30)
  • The impact of potential tax changes (14:12)
  • How to build a financial plan to help you make important business planning decisions and chose the right deal structure (18:20)
  • Factors contributing to the strong market and the thing that could derail things (21:38)
  • Specific advice for business owners now (28:10)
  • Q&A (38:24)

Check it out now and if you’re short on time, cut it in half by doubling the playback speed!

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