Wednesday Reading List


Carl Icahn Spoke, CNBC Didn’t Listen – Carl Icahn recently shared a story with some excellent investment lessons baked into it. CNBC heard something else much less helpful.

Selling Your Business in This Market – A wealth manager and investment banker talk about selling your business in this market and share their best advice for business owner’s today.

Selling Your Business Webinar

See also 529’s and Financial Aid – Putting your children through college is not cheap. Saving through 529’s is a great way to plan for that expense. Learn why and how to make sure you’re not leaving any financial aid money on the table.

An investing legend shares excellent reasons to ignore doubts about why to invest.

10 Obstacles to Investing—and How to Overcome Them by David Booth

Bonds have struggled this year. Schwab’s Chief Fixed Income Investment Strategist shares her advice for managing a bond portfolio now.

Bond Market Blues: High Inflation and Low Yields by Kathy Jones

I wrote about Health Savings Accounts in Open Enrollment Tips to Maximize Benefits. This is a nice overview of them.

ABCs of HSAs by Megan Pacholok

The answer may surprise you.

Which is more expensive: Charging an electric vehicle or fueling a car with gas? by Jamie LaReau

“An analysis of wood from L’Anse aux Meadows zeroes in on a cosmic event to reveal that the European seafarers were felling trees in Newfoundland in A.D. 1021.”

Ancient solar storm pinpoints Viking settlement in Americas exactly 1,000 years ago by Andrew Curry

Most Americans didn’t believe the Warren Commission’s findings, but Biden just delayed the release of government papers about this for reasons that may have nothing to do with the assassination itself.

Why the government is still keeping the JFK assassination files secret by Bryan Bender

Book Recommendation

It Worked for Me: In Life and Leadership by Colin Powell

A great American died last week. His book on leadership leaves a great legacy.