Wednesday Reading List

Stuff worth sharing from the past week

But first, market volatility has picked up. ICYMI: here is what We’re Telling Our Clients about what to expect and how to respond.

Nobody Knows II by Howard Marks

Boston Advisor readers know that I think Marks is one of the brightest minds in our industry and a must-read. This memo takes an honest look at all the things we don’t know about Covid-19 and what investors should do amidst this uncertainty. For more on what to do with your portfolio now.

100 Women of the Year by TIME

March is Women’s History Month, and March 8th is International Women’s Day. TIME put this really cool feature together to coincide with both.

“For 72 years, TIME named a Man of the Year. With a few exceptions, it was almost always a man, usually a President or a Prime Minister or perhaps a titan of industry. Throughout history, these are the kinds of men who have wielded influence over the world. In 1999, Man of the Year gave way to Person of the Year. While the name rightly changed, too often the choice was the same. With this 100 Women of the Year project, we’re spotlighting influential women who were often overshadowed.”

Investor Bulletin: Please Consider Adding a Trusted Contact to Your Account from the SEC

“The SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) are issuing this Investor Bulletin to urge you to consider adding a “trusted contact person” to your brokerage account.”

5 Roth IRA Rules You Must Know Before Opening An Account by Jeff Rose

The Roth IRA is a powerful type of retirement account. This article contains great education about it.

Meet Peter Tuchman: The face of Wall Street’s absolute worst moments by Natalie O’Neill

If you’ve checked out an article about the markets on some of its worst days, chances are you’ll recognize his face, Albert Einstein-ish fair, and anguished expressions.

15 Behind The Scenes Secrets From ABC’s Shark Tank by Jennifer Ong

Album Recommendation

No book recommendation this week, but the greatest rock band of all time has a new album coming out. Here’s the review from Rolling Stone – Pearl Jam’s ‘Gigaton’: Album Review.

My book comes out April 21st – 41 days!

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