Wednesday Reading List

Maximize Your Travel Rewards

Learn how to maximize your travel rewards and cash-back through your credit cards.

When Is It Worth It For Me To Buy Travel Insurance?

The summer travel season is about to begin. And prices this year are making travel more expensive than ever. With that in mind, we’re providing several resources to help you keep costs in check.

Crypto Just Had Its Lehman Moment. What’s Next?

Crypto investors confront hard truths in the wake of the Terra debacle.

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The Case For Owning Bonds

There are reasons to own this asset class you may not be in love with.

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Podcast: Why Air Travel Is a Hot Mess Right Now

Derek and Scott Keyes break down the origins of the airline industry shortage and its effects

Can’t Find My Way Home

A spike in prices and interest rates has dealt a significant blow to housing affordability, elevating the potential for the housing market’s weakness to dampen economic growth.