Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: Smarter Tax Planning: Smarter tax planning means following a two-part framework that prevents you from doing harm and allows you to take advantage of tax-savings opportunities.

What Does Record Low Consumer Sentiment Mean for Stocks?

Our team’s latest looks at the paradoxical effect of bad moods on future stock prices.

The Thrill Is Gone: Earnings Season Kicks Off

Second-quarter earnings growth will mark an expected deceleration in profits, but focus will likely continue to shift to the pace at which outlooks are downgraded.

Here’s how to know if we’re in a recession, and it’s not what you think

There was some debate this week online – sometimes nasty and conspiratorial – about the definition of a recession and whether it was recently changed. This article sets the record straight.

A Recession Alarm Is Ringing on Wall Street

You may have heard that an inverted yield curve is bad news and it signals a recession. Well, yield curves have inverted again. Here’s a good article explaining it all.

I Beg to Differ

The latest memo from Howard Marks teaches investors why it’s best to focus on the things that matter and ignore crowd noise to get strong long-term results.

Podcast version here.

What to Do With Extra Money in Your 529 Plan

Five things to do if you have extra money in your 529 plan (college savings plan) and how to avoid getting to that point.

Plain English podcast – Crypto Crash Part 1: Debating the Case Against Crypto

In the first of two-part series about the crypto crash, Derek Thompson is joined by financial journalist turned venture capitalist Molly Wood to give her case against cryptocurrency

A shark expert tells us to stop freaking out about shark attacks and sightings: ‘If sharks wanted to eat us, they would’

A shark expert tells us to stop freaking out about shark attacks and sightings: ‘If sharks wanted to eat us, they would’.

A discarded coffee cup may have just helped crack this decades-old murder case

The oldest homicide cold case in Lancaster County, Pa., is one step closer to being solved thanks to a coffee cup.

Book Recommendation

The History of Rock & Roll, Volume 1: 1920-1963 by Ed Ward

Ed Ward covers the first half of the history of rock & roll in this sweeping and definitive narrative―from the 1920s, when the music of rambling medicine shows mingled with the songs of vaudeville and minstrel acts to create the very early sounds of country and rhythm and blues, to the rise of the first independent record labels post-World War II, and concluding in December 1963, just as an immense change in the airwaves took hold and the Beatles prepared for their first American tour. The History of Rock & Roll, Volume 1 shines a light on the far corners of the genre to reveal the stories behind the hugely influential artists who changed the musical landscape forever.