Wednesday Reading List

When Will Stocks Recover? (This And Other Important Questions Answered in Our Mid-Year Outlook)

Our investment team’s latest market outlook answers the most pressing questions on investors minds.

Fed Hikes Rates Another 0.75%, Citing Inflation

Schwab’s Chief Fixed Income Strategist explains the Fed’s latest rate hike, what rate moves to expect next year, and how to position your bond portfolio today.

Rents and home prices are still soaring, but at a slower pace

Though rents and home prices are still climbing, the pace is more subdued as inflation and rising mortgage rates weaken demand.

The Disastrous Record of Celebrity Crypto Endorsements

From Matt Damon’s infamous ad to Reese Witherspoon’s NFT partnership, celebrity crypto touts haven’t gone well for fans.

I spent 5 years interviewing 225 millionaires. Here are the 4 types of rich people and their top habits.

While there are multiple pathways to building wealth, there are a few habits that work regardless of how you want to get there.

Here’s how much money you’re entitled to if an airline bumps you from an oversold flight

Airline travel is still a mess. Here’s a reminder of what you’re entitled to if and when you’re bumped.

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Loch Ness Monster Existence ‘Plausible’ After Incredible Discovery

I’ve always believed in the Loch Ness monster and now science is telling me there’s a chance…

Former Republicans and Democrats form new third U.S. political party

The largest third party by resources was just launched. No ideology, just reform.

Why Bill Russell is perhaps the most important player in NBA history

It’s not enough to call William Felton Russell the greatest winner in the history of American sports because it would be too limiting.

Book Recommendation

Led Zeppelin: The Biography by Bob Spitz

From the author of the definitive New York Times bestselling history of the Beatles comes the authoritative account of the group many call the greatest rock band of all time, arguably the most successful, and certainly one of the most notorious.