Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: Bad News is Good News? – Bad news is good news for the markets? Inflation concerns shifting to recession concerns led to a nice month in July. Heritage Financial’s Chief Investment Officer, Bob Weisse, and I were back talking markets this week and trying to explain this in our latest Wealthy Behavior podcast.

The Strong Dollar: Can It Continue?

An excellent overview of why the dollar is strong and what to do about it in your bond portfolio. A trifecta of factors support the dollar, including the relatively strong performance of the U.S. economy, tightening monetary policy by the Federal Reserve, and safe-haven buying. These are likely to remain intact into 2023.

See also These Factors Outperform When the Dollar Appreciates for a look at what types of stocks outperform with a strong dollar.

Biden signs China competition bill to boost U.S. chipmakers

The bill includes more than $52 billion for U.S. companies producing semiconductors, as well as billions more in tax credits to encourage investment in chip manufacturing. The White House said that multiple companies, “spurred” by the chips bill, have announced more than $44 billion in new semiconductor manufacturing investments.

The Coming War Over Taiwan

Excerpted from a book I look forward to reading, the authors make the somewhat contrarian call that China is a nation in economic decline which makes them dangerous in the short-term.

The Price of Admission

You don’t get long-term wealth without short-term losses.

Hidden iPhone Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

These tips, swipes, and settings will make using your phone faster and simpler.

What You Need to Know About Estate Planning

The basic parts of a good estate plan and how to draw up one.