Wednesday Reading List

September’s Mini-Meltdown

The market sell-off that started in late August continued with a vengeance through September as prominent investors have started bashing the Fed and warning of dire consequences if it stays the course. We discussed what’s going on in the stock and bond markets today, what investors should be doing about it, if the Fed is out of line, and more in our latest Wealthy Behavior podcast.

The End of Earnings Growth?

The earnings outlook is dimming as the economy slows, which could result in cuts to earnings forecasts and downside for stocks. U.K. earnings have been a surprising outperformer.

Here’s How Weird Things Are Getting in the Housing Market

Would-be homebuyers are facing massive sticker shock right now, with measures of affordability worsening at their fastest pace on record. In fact we’re seeing a number of milestones reached in the market, with spreads on mortgages and benchmark interest rates reaching levels unseen in decades, while the volume of new sales is slowing at a faster pace than even during the aftermath of the global financial crisis.

Florida’s insurance market was already in crisis. Then came Hurricane Ian. Will taxpayers end up on the hook?

Experts expect insurers will have to cover up to $40 billion in damages.

3 Lessons for Investors From the Third Quarter

Why you shouldn’t fight the Fed, expect a V-shaped bounce, or throw in the towel.

The Fed admits a sharp home price decline is possible

“While this [housing] market correction could be fairly mild, I cannot dismiss the possibility of a much larger drop in demand and house prices before the market normalizes”

The Strong U.S. Dollar: Who Wins and Who Loses?

We looked across stock sectors to see which generate the most and least revenue outside the U.S.

How NASA Launched Its Asteroid Killer

The DART mission, in which a spacecraft knocked an asteroid off course, is a rehearsal for saving the world.

Here’s how to avoid buying a flood-damaged car following Hurricane Ian

There are already an estimated 400,000 cars being driven today that are damaged from past flooding. Floodwaters can destroy electronics, lubricants and mechanical systems in vehicles, problems that aren’t apparent now but can show up down the road. Be sure to research the car’s history, as well as search for signs of water damage in the vehicle itself.

Act of Oblivion: A Novel by Robert Harris

Spellbinding historical novel that brilliantly imagines one of the greatest manhunts in history: the search for two Englishmen involved in the killing of King Charles I and the implacable foe on their trail—an epic journey into the wilds of seventeeth-century New England, and a chase like no other.