Wednesday Reading List

As You Shop Online, Keep These 7 Cybersecurity Tips in Mind

This week we continue to highlight Cybersecurity Awareness Month by sharing some tips to help shoppers safeguard information.

Bear Market Opportunities For Every Generation of Investors

Bear markets are never any fun to live through but every stock market correction in history has been an opportunity if you’re able to zoom out a little bit. With that in mind, here’s a new piece that looks at the present opportunity set through the lens of each generation of investors from young to old.

Why You Might Want to Retire Soon If You Have a Pension

With the rapid increase in interest rates in 2022, pension participants are in for a rude awakening once these plans recalculate lump sums for 2023 and beyond.

Different Strings … Similar Story

Several segments of the economy are experiencing their own recessions, including housing and segments of the goods side of the economy—with services a positive offset for now. An announcement of a recession might be more of an academic exercise at this point.

The UK’s economic and political crises, explained

How Liz Truss’s now-abandoned tax proposal is pummeling the British economy — and Conservatives’ grip on power.

Have NFL Owners Finally Turned on Dan Snyder?

Jim Irsay rocked the NFL by saying out loud what so many have been thinking: It’s time for Snyder to lose his team. Now, will Irsay’s on-the-record comments at the league’s fall meetings spur action from Snyder’s peers?

Medicare Costs to Go Down in 2023

Lower-than-expected spending on an expensive drug and other things means beneficiaries will pay less next year.

See also Social Security inflation adjustment to boost benefits by 8.7% in 2023, biggest since 1981