Wednesday Reading List

Year-Round Tax Planning

Nobody likes doing their taxes. Well, nobody you’d call the life of the party. The problem is once you’ve gotten to tax time it’s already too late to have figured out most ways to save on taxes. Do yourself a favor and look at these six tax planning ideas before year-end brought to you by my team at Heritage.

4 Lessons From Crypto’s Implosion

This isn’t an “I Told You So”, or crypto is awful post. Yes, I think crypto is awful. But I didn’t write this, and the author shares a few lessons to help guide you with future crypto investments if you’re still interested.

See also: You Can Forget About Crypto Now which lays out a case for why crypto will always exist but won’t be the game changing destabilizing force some envisioned.

Massachusetts voters approve ‘millionaire tax.’ What it means for the wealthy

Well, it means they’re going to pay more tax, but they’re also going to do more planning to minimize that tax bite. This article explains the new tax and starts the planning dialogue.

Gen X’s average net worth and the obstacles they face in building wealth

I’m a Gen X’r, so besides being skeptical and growing up with the best music and movies apparently it also means that I’m part of a generation that faces unique financial challenges. Old enough to be financially responsible for elderly parents and young enough to still be supporting young children. 

Hollywood’s New Party Drink of Choice: Nonalcoholic Cocktails

If history is any guide, what starts in Hollywood and California will soon make its way to us.

Was Jack Welch the Greatest C.E.O. of His Day—or the Worst?

Proof that I’m as susceptible to confirmation bias as anyone else. I’ve long wondered what the big deal was about Welch. The great Malcolm Gladwell digs in.

Book Recommendation

The Last Folk Hero: The Life and Myth of Bo Jackson by John Talty

I’ve enjoyed a few of Pearlman’s books and this latest one is an excellent look at Bo Jackson, “Auburn University’s transcendent Heisman Trophy winner, superstar of both the NFL and Major League Baseball and ubiquitous “Bo Knows” Nike pitchman. Did Bo really jump over a parked Volkswagen? (Yes.) Did he actually run a 4.13 40? (Yes.) During the 1991 flight that nearly killed every member of the Chicago White Sox, was he in the cockpit trying to help? (Oddly, yes. Or no. Or … maybe.)”