Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: Thoughts on Our 2023 Market Outlook – We’re seeing a major shift in the markets into an era that could bring more risk and higher returns.

The Bright Side of Bear Markets

As each year comes to a close and a new year begins, investors often take time to reflect on the drivers of the stock and bond markets over the past twelve months, evaluate asset allocation decisions, and hypothesize about what the future may hold. This week Heritage Financial’s Director of Portfolio Management, Michael Waldron, CFA, CFP, provides a review of the markets and portfolios in 2022, and discusses the bright side of stock and bond bear markets

Recession is imminent, the market believes — but Jeremy Siegel, Ed Yardeni, Tom Lee and other top analysts still see gains ahead for stocks. Here’s why, and what they’re saying.

Some optimism about stocks, including from Ed Yardeni, one of my favorite analysts.

Uncorrelated Assets: An Important Dimension of an Optimal Portfolio

A prominent liquid alternative investments manager takes umbrage with the criticism levied against these strategies in this piece (Liquid Alternatives: Panacea, or Just a Pain?) and shares his thoughts on why and how these belong in a portfolio. Both articles are worth a read for investors.

How to Make Peace with Feeling Less Ambitious

You’re used to thinking of yourself as a high-achieving professional, and it may feel discomfiting to have that identity brought into question through your own desires and actions. But downshifting your ambitions doesn’t necessarily mean you’re throwing away your past or becoming a slacker. It may actually mean that you’ve finally recognized what it takes for achievement and ambition to be sustainable. In this article, the author outlines three strategies you can use to make peace with your desire to scale back your ambitions, even if it conflicts with your previous vision of yourself as a driven professional.

Why We Missed On Inflation, and Implications for Monetary Policy Going Forward

Minneapolis Fed president, who was on team inflation is transitory, breaking down why that was wrong and what to do next in this excellent piece.

Inside The Secretive World Of Shark Tank Deals: Who The Real Winners Are

Most deals don’t actually close. Which judges close the most deals, which ones change the terms off the air, and the surprising response from some entrepreneurs who don’t win over a shark.

The Art and Science of Spending Money
How you spend money can reveal an existential struggle of what you find valuable in life, who you want to spend time with, why you chose your career, and the kind of attention you want from other people.

Go With the Flow

Volatility waves and changing-news tides elicit short-term market moves; economic currents tend to affect longer-term market shifts which may now favor international stocks.