Wednesday Reading List

People Have Memories. Markets Don’t.

Unlike people, markets don’t think about the past. It’s about today and expectations for the future.

U.S. Hits Debt Ceiling: Will It Impact Investors?

Fear that the federal government may default on its obligations has driven market volatility in the past, but typically not until the default deadline is much closer. 

These common misconceptions can prevent you from achieving that perfect credit score

When it comes to credit scores, there are a few things many borrowers often get wrong, experts say. Here are the top misconceptions and why it’s so hard to set the record straight.

These ‘Big Short’ Vets Were Up 169% Last Year

The FrontPoint team and a where are they now article talking about some shorts last year that made them a killing.

Helpless? Recession Risks Abound

Leading indicators continue to point toward further economic weakness, making it difficult and premature to determine whether the labor market can maintain its relative strength.

Smart Tax Planning Before and During Retirement

A tax expert shares guidance on IRA conversions, required minimum distributions, and sequencing in-retirement withdrawals.

Can 3-D Printing Help Solve the Housing Crisis?

How 3D printing can be the solution to the nation’s affordable housing crisis. 3D printing machines can build up to 40 percent of homes during the construction process and save money on labor costs, experts say.

How a Hostage Crisis in Twelfth Century Venice Led to the Birth of Government Bonds

They were accidentally born out of necessity and failure, during a time of political strife. Our story involves trumped-up charges, conflict, deceit, a plague, and an angry mob. The birth of bonds is a happy story for today’s investors. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a happy ending for our protagonist, Doge Vitale Michiel.

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The Health & Wealth Connection

Health and wealth go hand-in-hand. You may have accumulated wealth, but without health you can’t achieve the goals and dreams you’ve worked and saved so hard for. On this episode of Wealthy Behavior, we welcome Kristin Castner, CFA, Director of Wealth Management at Heritage Financial, and Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach, who helps us tune out the noise of today’s diet trends, provides simple ideas that will help change our diets without feeling overwhelmed, and offers ways to stay committed.