Wednesday Reading List

Top Financial Fears That Affect Women

Our Her Heritage teams shares the most common fears women have when it comes to money and ways to overcome them.

Caveat Emptor: Important Market Shifts Underway

We continue to recommend that investors fade the low-quality/speculation-driven rally and instead lean into higher-quality stocks. And with passive index investors, you also need to make sure you understand what you own.

Sorry, Fed, Most US Mortgage Rates Were Locked In During Pandemic Lows

Great for homeowners, challenging for the real estate market, and stimulative to the economy.

China reopening: growth spurt, policy pivot and long-term challenges 

The BlackRock team shares its latest macro take on the world’s second largest economy.

Jim Cramer ETFs Arrive to Bet On, Against Mad Money Host’s Picks

We may be reaching peak stupidity with this unworkable money grab of a product.

The ‘Rocky’ and ‘Creed’ Pound-for-Pound Fighter Ranking

With ‘Creed III’ in the books, it’s time to assess the greatest boxers in the ‘Rocky’ universe and see how they stack up.

On Pausing Alcohol

About six months ago Marc Andreessen stopped drinking alcohol: “I feel much better, and I’m mad as hell about it.”

Silicon Valley’s AI frenzy isn’t just another crypto craze

It isn’t theoretical. Millions of people are already using apps like ChatGPT to write books, create art, and develop code.

Book Recommendation

Jesse Livermore – Boy Plunger: The Man Who Sold America Short in 1929 by Tom Rubython

It’s not the most well-written book you’ll read, but the subject of this biography is fascinating and it’s a good companion book to the one I shared last week.