Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: Fixing Your 2 Biggest 401(k) Investing Mistakes – FDR was right and Gordon Gekko was wrong, and the average 401(k) participant lost more than the market last year because they didn’t know it.

Hot Data, Cool Markets, Good News

Our team’s latest breaks down a busy month in the markets.

The Fed’s Inflation Target is Not Yours – Investors waiting for the magic 2% may miss the boat

In all eight past rate hiking cycles since 1974, the Fed has stopped raising rates when inflation was above 2%. Investors caught in the fits and starts of inflation that choose to wait for the “all-clear horn” may miss opportunities.

The Demise of Silicon Valley Bank

The Rapid Collapse of the 16th Largest Bank in America and what’s coming next.

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How To Fill Out Your Men’s NCAA Tournament Bracket Like A Pro

The team at FiveThiryEight breaks it down for you.

ChatGPT Changed Everything. Now Its Follow-Up Is Here.

Behold GPT-4. Here’s what we know it can do, and what it can’t.

When Will the Fed Start Cutting Interest Rates?

Latest economic forecast for interest rates, inflation, and GDP growth.

Bank Turmoil: What Does It Mean for Fed Policy? 

The situation may relieve some pressure on the Federal Reserve, possibly leading to a pause or slowing in its current rate-hike cycle.