Wednesday Reading List

 I think that one of the reasons I was as economically successful as I was in life is because I read so damn much all my life, starting when I was about six years old. I don’t know how to get smart without reading a lot.

Charlie Munger

ICYMI: November Market Update: Three Things to Watch – Diving into why stocks and bonds have both been weak lately, which investor concerns merit attention, why to avoid TIPS, and so much more in our November Market update podcast (transcript included).

Latest from the Heritage Financial team

Time for Your 401(k) Contribution Check-Up – With only a few pay periods left in the year, it’s time for those who intend to maximize salary-deferral contributions to an employer 401(k), 403(b), or 457(b) retirement plan to double check their pay statement to make sure things are on track before the end of the year. 

Charlie Munger Will Take Your Questions Now by The Wall Street Journal

College education, owning stocks, buying a house, and lowering debt costs when rates were down all helped drive net worth gains for the upper middle class.

Ozempic is not going to slim down your stock portfolio (yet) by Fast Company

Ozempic has had a slimming effect on the stocks of junk food and tobacco makers, but not every analyst is convinced that they’ll keep the weight off.

See also: Wall Street is asking how weight loss drugs will affect consumer giants — but it may be too early to tell

Frequently Asked Questions from Investors by Charles Schwab Asset Management

Kathy Jones and Liz Ann Sonders answer some of the most common questions from investors—and provide their weekly market outlook.

Markets Brief: Is It Finally Time to Buy Small-Cap Stocks? by Morningstar

The Fed’s ‘higher for longer’ strategy could be a key factor for the smallest players in the market.

A 5-step guide to processing ambiguous news in the markets and the economy 📋 by TKer

For what it’s worth at this moment, TKer’s macro framework suggests that the negative anecdotes out there are mostly isolated.

Are markets finally finding direction? by J.P. Morgan

Markets hate uncertainty and thrive on clarity. A better sense of the path forward may offer more runway to rally.

We Need to Talk About Your Retirement ‘Spending’ by Morningstar

Big inheritances can be a sign of underconsumption and suboptimal planning.