Wednesday Reading List

When I see a good thing going cheap, I buy a lot of it.

Hettie Green

Latest from the Heritage Financial team

A Spooky October Adds to Concerns – Our team’s latest looks at the stock and bond market struggles from last month and what it means going forward.

Where is This Rally Going? by Barry Ritholtz

This is a confusing time for investors; rather than repeat the clichés, let’s try to make some sense of all the cross-currents.

Goldman Sachs says to ‘follow Taylor Swift’s advice’ in 2024 💃 by TKer

Goldman Sachs strategists expect the stock market to generate modest gains in the coming year with the S&P 500 ending 2024 at 4,700. Here’s how it compares to other outlooks and why you shouldn’t take these projections too seriously.

Bond Market: What Happened to “Higher for Longer”? by Charles Schwab Asset Management

Treasury yields have dropped as weak economic data suggests the Federal Reserve may begin cutting the federal funds rate target earlier than previously expected.

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Zillow walks back its bullish 2024 home price forecast by ResiClub

U.S. home prices will remain stagnant in 2024, according to Zillow, which had previously anticipated a significant increase next year.

Loneliness Isn’t Just Bad for Your Health—It’s Deadly by The Wall Street Journal

People who report often feeling lonely or being socially isolated are at an increased risk of death from any cause, new research suggests.

2024 Elections: 3 thoughts on the year ahead by J.P. Morgan

In the end, stock prices represent the profitability of the underlying companies more than the current political party. Politics can invoke strong emotions, but one should not lose sight of their long-term investment goals.