Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: Before and After Covid-19 – Before and after Covid-19 is a reflection on aspects of life since March I’d like to retain even as I cannot wait to get my old life back.

See also 2020 had some significant silver linings. Here are 7 of them. by Kelsey Piper and These breakthroughs will make 2021 better than 2020 by Bill Gates


Long form piece from The New Yorker looking back at the coronavirus tragedy.

The Plague Year by Lawrence Wright


My team’s latest look at what the markets may do next year.

What the Last 6 Weeks Tell Us About 2021 Market Returns by Heritage Financial


3 good investment lessons from 2020 from my former colleagues.

Investing Lessons of 2020 by Manning & Napier


“Silicon Valley gives us social media apps. Massachusetts gives us a 94.5% effective Covid vaccine.’’

From centuries of innovation, a medical discovery for the ages by Shirley Leung


Waiting for disaster to strike, which doesn’t happen often, and then being willing to pull the trigger is not the way to live your investment life.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait For the Stock Market to Crash by Michael Batnick