Wednesday Reading List

Our team’s look at how the Georgia Senate races could impact your portfolio.

What the Georgia Senate Races Mean for your Wealth by Heritage Financial


I read a block of interesting articles (and listened to one podcast) looking at income inequality from different angles.

The first breaks down some of the statistics from 2020 regarding the growing wealth gap.

The legacy of 2020: Riches for the wealthy, well educated and often White, financial pain for others by Greg Iacurci

This next piece looks at how the Fed’s actions during a stretch of Congressional inaction contributed to this.

The Fed Is Powerful, Except in Fighting Wealth Inequality by Brian Chappatta

The question of why the markets did so well this year has perplexed many. This article helps answer it.

Why Markets Boomed in a Year of Human Misery by Neil Irwin and Weiyi Cai

Finally, this podcast provides some hope on how big data can help, as well as some possible solutions like focusing on health care and education.


Jeremy Grantham is bearish and thinks we’re in a major bubble that will end poorly this year. While I don’t agree, or more accurately don’t have an opinion on it since building a career or portfolio strategy on correctly calling market tops is foolish, I never miss a Grantham post and benefit from his insight. He also ends it with actionable investment advice.

“We believe it is in the overlap of these two ideas, Value and Emerging, that your relative bets should go, along with the greatest avoidance of U.S. Growth stocks that your career and business risk will allow. Good luck!”

Waiting for the Last Dance by Jeremy Grantham

For more on how to position your portfolio in line with these views and others, check out 5 Portfolio Changes to Consider Now and R.I.P. 2009 – 2020 Bull Market & Lessons Learned


Book Recommendation

Sports, business, and modern history intersect in this great book about America’s pastime (sorry baseball fans)…

America’s Game: The Epic Story of How Pro Football Captured a Nation by Michael MacCambridge