Wednesday Reading List


Your Safe Retirement Withdrawal Rate – looking at how much you need to retire and whether the 4% rule is still viable.

Minimizing Taxes Under Biden’s Proposed Tax Plan: Webinar Replay – reviewing the proposed changes, how likely they are to pass, and how to save on taxes going forward.


Our team’s latest on maximizing retirement savings.

Are You Leaving These Dollars on the Table? by Heritage Financial


SPACs have been in the news lately. Here’s what they are.

What is a SPAC? Explaining one of Wall Street’s hottest trends by Tom Huddleston, Jr.


Speaking of in the news…

GameStop, Reddit and Robinhood: A full recap of the historic retail trading mania on Wall Street

And…the latest SEC Investor Alert.

Investor Alert: Thinking About Investing in the Latest Hot Stock? Understand the Significant Risks of Short-Term Trading Based on Social Media



Apple and Facebook are squaring off in a battle about business models and privacy. Here are Tim Cook’s views.

Tim Cook on Why It’s Time to Fight the “Data-Industrial Complex” by Zach Baron


Jeff Bezos will now be Amazon’s executive chair.

Bezos’ Departure as CEO Shows Amazon Is a Cloud Company Now by Lauren Goode and Tom Simonite