Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: Someone Offered to Buy Your Business – It’s a seller’s market for business owners. What steps should you take if someone offers to buy your business, and how does a business sale happen?

Business Deal

Learn what the Heritage team is reading and meet two of our crime/thriller buffs.

Meet Two of Our Best Problem-Solvers by Heritage Financial

It’s a concept with great appeal. Hire a manager who can read the market and the trading charts and tactically adjust your portfolio to get better returns. Buyer beware.

Tactical asset allocation vs. static indexing: Who wins? by Larry Swedroe

It’s strange to hear people referred to as market bulls, as if there should be any other way to view the market. It makes you money and trends up. Editorializing aside, I find Paulsen worth listening to and here are his latest views.

Stocks are getting a delta peak and growth slowdown wrong, market bull Jim Paulsen says by Stephanie Landsman

I get a lot of crypto questions from baffled investors, and here’s what professional investors are doing in their own portfolios they manage for clients.

What Do Fund Managers Really Think of Cryptocurrency? by Eric Schultz

I loved the Disney FastPass whenever we used it. Not sure this makes sense, but here you go Disney aficionados.

Disney Got Rid Of FastPass For Good And Replaced It With A Paid Service, And Fans Have Some Serious Feelings About It by Michele Bird

Khaled Hosseini shares his perspective on the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

The author of ‘The Kite Runner’ has a message for anyone worried about Afghanistan by Harmeet Kaur

“If you don’t necessarily care about following any diet in particular, just remember that all of the programs listed above have a few things in common: whole grains, vegetables, and lean meats.”

WebMD just named this the No. 1 diet, again by Sara London

Redistribution of wealth, communist style.

Xi Jinping Wants China’s Richest to Make Less Money by Viola Zhou

The twists and turns of the Jeopardy host search.

The Jeopardy hosting saga has become a cautionary morality tale by Aja Romano

“Yes, drunk driving elephants is a thing and it’s dangerous”

Sri Lanka Bans ‘Drunk Driving’ on Elephants and Putting Baby Elephants to Work by Pallavi Pundir

Streaming Recommendation

Recently enjoyed this and was surprised by it as well.