Wednesday Reading List

ICYMI: Fall Financial Check-Up – As the summer winds down, people tend to get more focused on their finances. Use this fall financial check-up to accomplish a few priority items before year-end.


Our team’s latest look at what is going on in D.C. related to your money, including a great short video from our Chief Investment Officer about inflation.

Taxes, Interest Rates, Afghanistan, and Your Money by Heritage Financial

I recently updated this piece on Social Security timing strategies. The advice to delay taking Social Security usually ignores a key assumption. Learn how claiming early can work for you.

Rethinking When to Take Social Security

It’s generally good planning to leave your IRA’s growing tax-deferred and only pulling the minimum out when you have to, but retirees also risk underspending their assets in a well-deserved retirement.

Most retirees aren’t tapping nest eggs before required withdrawals, research finds by Kate Dore

More people are hiring financial advisors and wealth managers after a difficult year.

Americans are changing who they turn to for financial advice by Francisco Velasquez

Things you can think about and start to do now if you’re interested.

Aging in Place Is Gaining Popularity Among Retirees. How to Prep Your Home. by Debbie Carlson

In-depth explanation of what the Fed has been doing to support markets and what changes to expect.

Why the Fed is about to stop the party on Wall Street (and what it means for you) by Allison Morrow

Part of my Covid sanity plan was lots of walks and trying to hit different step goals. I’ve used some clunky fitness trackers and some great ones. Here’s a list of 13 that you might like.

The 13 Best Fitness Trackers and Watches for Everyone by Adrienne So

See also: Scientists Figured Out How Much Exercise You Need to ‘Offset’ a Day of Sitting by David Nield

A study found a few key benefits to reasonable amounts of red wine consumption.

One Major Effect Drinking Red Wine Has on Your Heart, Says New Study by Elizabeth Millard