Webinar Replay: 5 Portfolio Changes to Consider Now

My recent webinar shared a few major changes to the investment landscape this year and what portfolio updates to consider to better position your portfolio for the future. Listen in to help build your 2021 investment strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • Things changed last year. The Fed’s lower for longer interest rate policy, weaker dollar, new bull market, and the birth of The Reopening Trade are a few of those changes.
  • Your 2021 investment strategy should address those changes. Consider increasing stock exposure, diversify into international investments, add small cap and value stocks, buy short-term bonds, and reassess your risk tolerance if you sold out in March.

Be sure to listen to the end for some great questions on alternatives and income producing investments. Alternatives can make sense if you’re worried about bond returns, but they come with risks. Knowing how to value things like gold, and understanding the risks that come with different types of investments are just two examples. I shared some thoughts on the latter issue through Dangers of Investing for Income Today.

Stay tuned for future webinars and check out the further reading suggestions below.


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