December Market Update: The Fed Gets It but That’s Not It

This week on the Wealthy Behavior podcast, Bob Weisse and I discussed our December market update. Twenty-four minutes never felt so informative. Topics covered:

  • Good inflation news and the Fed’s acknowledgement that there is an inflation data lag mean the Fed can ease up its rate hikes
  • How the FTX implosion has implications for investors who don’t own crypto but own speculative stock investments that have have proven to be correlated to crypto currencies
  • Protests in China over its COVID-19 policies could be good for its economy and stock market if it pushes the country to reopen
  • International stocks do well in periods of high inflation that is moderating (like today)
  • How to get venture capital like returns with less risk by investing in large buyout private equity funds that focus on more established businesses
  • Why Leading Economic Indicators still point us towards a recession

You can listen here, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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