Wednesday Reading List

Post-Surgery Market Check

Stocks and bonds may be on the road to recovery with inflation moderating, but we still have a potential recession looming. Looking at where the market is this year, what it’s done lately, and what to expect from here on out.

Will My Beneficiaries Have To Pay Taxes On My Life Insurance Policy?

The income tax-free nature of life insurance makes it a valuable tool for family protection, liquidity and wealth transfers. The best-intentioned plans, however, can go awry if life insurance details are not well incorporated into a complete financial plan.

Getting Wealthy vs. Staying Wealthy

An excerpt from one of the books in my Best Personal Finance Books list, this is an excellent look at the different skills required to build wealth and keep it.

What Kind of Man Was Anthony Bourdain?

He was so damaged, and yet he showed us so much of the world. The Atlantic’s review of a new Bourdain biography.

Global Outlook: Recovery and Risk

Markets may continue to see volatility in 2023 as they navigate between global economic growth and inflation fears, with central banks’ decreasing rate hikes and China’s reopening. All this and more in Jeffrey Kleintop’s 2023 outlook.

How Far Should You Walk to Improve Your Health? You Won’t Like the Answer.

Turns out 10,000 steps a day isn’t a random made-up number.

NBA Courts Investment by Sovereign Wealth, Pension Funds

The National Basketball Association is ready to play ball with sovereign wealth, pension, and endowment funds, provided these investors pass the money. This follows a move to allow private equity investments. It’ll be interesting to see how this helps or hurts the NBA compared to the NFL which doesn’t allow it.

15 Funds That Have Destroyed the Most Wealth Over the Past Decade

MLP’s, commodities, and levered inverse products dominate this list.

Book Recommendation

The Pope at War: The Secret History of Pius XII, Mussolini, and Hitler by David Kertzer

Based on newly opened Vatican archives, a groundbreaking, explosive, and riveting book about Pope Pius XII and his actions during World War II, including how he responded to the Holocaust, by the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Pope and Mussolini.