Fall Financial Check-Up

Something I’ve noticed after years as a wealth manager helping individuals plan for the future and invest their money is that we get much busier after Labor Day. Summer vacations are over, kids are back in school, and people focus more on their finances. If you’d like to get stuff done, but aren’t sure where to start, this updated wealth management checklist can help guide you through a Fall financial check-up to wrap up important personal finance items by year-end.

The checklist has six sections. I’ll highlight four overlooked or impactful priority items below.

Work on one a month.

By the holidays you will have taken major steps to improve your financial future. If you’ve already accomplished one of these four things, grab something else from the checklist instead.

Hopefully, attacking these will leave you feeling better about your finances and motivated to do more.


Fall Financial Check-Up Priorities

  • Interest rates are low and will likely rise. Make sure your debt is at low rates, and that it doesn’t make sense to refinance.
  • With four months left in the year, review your paystub and maximize retirement plan contributions if you’re an employee. Set up a retirement plan to maximize contributions if you’re a business owner.
  • Cash is earning nothing. Establish a rainy day fund covering at least 3-6 months of expenses and get the rest of your cash to work. For more, see The Easiest Way to Increase Your Investment Returns.
  • Protect your plan and family against early death with life insurance and up-to-date wills and trusts (for details on how, check out You Need an Estate Plan)

Good luck!

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